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Hello Reader-ใ•ใ‚“, hope you all have a nice day.

It’s been a years since Rawkuma running to provide you with raw mangas and manhwas. Doing it by myself surely took so much effort, time, and money. Sometimes it’s feel impossible to upload-post comic into Rawkuma while working and going to college. Almost all the profit from Rawkuma went back into Rawkuma’s server, which is okay for me, well actually no. I hoping some ads profit goes into my personal pocket, but it just going to happend.

Lately, the college thingies and job really hits me hard that I barely keep up with your chapter’s error report or something like that. And as for today, our server suddenly broken and almost 200k chapters of images just gone like that. ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

I won’t close the website. I will keep Rawkuma running like a normal, but you will expect some missing chapters or broken images. It’s gonna take a while for me to fix all the chapter, especially the limited chapter from official website such as comic walker, alphapolis, etc.

So, if you guys find a broken series/chapter/comics, please state it clearly in โ #broken-chapter on our discord server ( . use format (title, number of chapter, link).


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