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A Spoonful of Your Love
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

A Spoonful of Your Love Raw

Alternative Titles Geudae Ma-eum Han Seupun, 그대 마음 한 스푼

Synopsis A Spoonful of Your Love

사랑엔 직진밖에 모르는 재벌 2세와 귀여운 거짓말쟁이(?) 신입 비서의 비밀 사내연애 사랑 때문에 명문대도 포기했지만 상처만 남은 이별 후 늦깎이 취준생이 된 연주. 어렵게 대기업 비서직에 합격했지만 직속 상사가 재벌 2세 전무이사이자 고교 동창인 재현이다. 조각 같은 외모, 까칠한 성격 탓에 사내에서 ‘존잘씨’로 알려진 재현. 이런저런 사건 사고로 민망한 관계가 된 그를 보좌하는 것도 힘든데 느닷없이 친구가 아닌 애인이 되고 싶다고 한다. 자기 인생에 두 번째 연애는 없다고 장담했던 연주는 재현의 저돌적인 구애와 매력에 흔들린다.

A secret office romance between the son of the CEO of a huge conglomerate and his newbie secretary slash perpetual liar!

Yeonju gave up her career in order to chase after love, but only found herself left with scars and pain. After getting a position at a huge company as a secretary, she finds herself face-to-face with her new boss, Jaehyun, who also happens to be a former classmate of Yeonju’s.

Jaehyun’s serious good looks and short temper earned him the nickname among his employees, “the S.H.B.”, or the “super, handsome bastard”. After a series of humiliating situations, Jaehyun admits that he no longer just wants to be friends, and would rather date. Yeonju, who had her mind set on never dating ever again, finds herself interested despite how hard she tries not to fall for him!

Released 2020
Author Seokyung 
Artist JB, STEM (II) 
Serialization Kakaopage (Kakao), Lezhin (Lezhin)
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Chapter A Spoonful of Your Love