It’s Useless to Hang On
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

It’s Useless to Hang On Raw

Alternative Titles 매달려도 소용없어, There's No Use Hanging On, It Doesn't Matter Even If I Cling On, It's No Use Hanging On, It's Useless to Hang On, Sia-Sia Saja Bergantung, There's No Use in Hanging On, しがみついても無駄です, 别再纠缠大小姐, 即便求饒也沒用, 매달려도 소용없어

Synopsis It’s Useless to Hang On

사랑하는 남자, 라칸을 위해 내 모든 것을 바쳐 그를 황제로 만들었다 그리고 드디어 오늘, 나는 그의 곁에서 황후가 될 것을 기대했건만, 황후의 관은 내가 아닌 나의 사촌 여동생, 비에나의 것이 되었다 목숨까지 바쳐가며 희생한 내게 남은 것은 독에 중독되어 죽어가는 몸 뿐이라니 대체 어디서부터 잘못된 걸까… 버려지고 나서야 이용당했다는 것을 깨달았다 그렇게 죽는 순간 다짐했다 만약 또 한 번의 기회가 있다면 죽어도 라칸, 너만은 사랑하지 않을 것이라고

Kaira willingly risked her life to make her beloved Prince Reagan emperor. But when the man she sacrificed it all for crowns her cousin as empress instead of her, she loses the will to live. It’s only when she’s finally succumbed to a lethal dose of poison that she’s met with the tears of a heartbroken Prince Faylon, and she realizes her love was wasted on the wrong person. Vowing to exact revenge if ever given the chance, Kaira is thrust back in time to right the wrongs committed against her and reclaim the title that is rightfully hers. As she joins hands with Prince Faylon and sets out to punish those who conspired against her, she’ll discover a world she once took for granted and seek to correct the course of her fate.

Released 2021
Author CandySoda
Artist Golae (II)
Serialization Kakaopage (Kakao)
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Chapter It’s Useless to Hang On