Kami to Yobareta Otaku
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Type Manga

Kami to Yobareta Otaku Raw

Alternative Titles 神と呼ばれたオタク

Synopsis Kami to Yobareta Otaku Raw

超未来。国立航空宇宙専修学校所属のオタク男子・ススムはサポートAI・ミネルヴァと共に宇宙船『ナグルファル』で、卒業試験を受けていた。これが終わったら『魔女っ子楽隊 プリティ・ケア』劇場版を見るんだ…。そう思い、コールドスリープにつくススム。 しかし、目が覚めるとそこはまったく知らな…え、人類滅亡後の地球だって!? オタク心を燃やし、現存人類の進化を図る少年の挑戦がいま始まった――!!

The far future. Susumu, an otaku who belongs to the National Aerospace Academy, was taking his graduation test on the spacecraft “Naglfar” with his support AI Minerva. When it was over, they planned to watch the movie version of “Magical Girl Pretty Cure.” Thus, Susumu goes into cryrostasis. However, when he awoke, he didn’t think that he would wake up to Earth after its decimation.
Released 2021
Author Rootport
Artist USUI Tomomi
Serialization Kurage Bunch (Shinchosha)
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