Sekai ni hitotsudake no R
Sekai ni hitotsudake no R

Sekai ni hitotsudake no R Manga Raw

世界に一つだけのR,the only "R" in the world raw
Genres: , , , , Status: Ongoing Released: 2019 Author: Shingo Iijima Type: Manga Posted on: Updated on:

Sekai ni hitotsudake no R ,the only “R” in the world raw,世界に一つだけのR

A warrior, Urs, who has been killed by demons in a different world, ruled by chaos and darkness. One day he was fascinated by insanity and revenge and he knew the existence of the “Kerq’s Bar”. There, it is said that the incarnations (?) Are searching for companions to defeat the demon king day and night.
Urs immediately visits the bar to be selected as a hero, but … He is then stamped with the mystery word “R” and is identified as a weak by an unknown summoning ceremony. And I will touch the darkness of the world !!!
What is R, what is the unknown summoning ceremony! And what is the darkness of the world?
Shinkai Iijima from “Ghosts of the Izu Dead” sends a shocking world of another fantasy dark fantasy that no one has ever seen !!!!!!

Rとはなんなのか、未知の召喚式とは!? そして、世界の闇とは一体!!?

Rating 7.65
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