Watashi no Juuboku
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Type Manga

Watashi no Juuboku Raw

Alternative Titles 私の従僕, My servant

Synopsis Watashi no Juuboku

とある貴族の屋敷で、奴隷として働く俺。 でも境遇に特に不満もなく、平穏無事に過ごしたかったのに あの「悪魔」と出会ったばっかりに…
力持ちで頑丈が取り柄・平凡な日常が望みの「従僕」と 天真爛漫・傍若無人な「悪魔=お嬢様」の異世界主従生活! アース・スターノベル大賞・第1回大賞受賞の人気作をコミカライズ!!

I work as a slave in a certain aristocratic mansion. But I wasn’t particularly dissatisfied with the situation, and I just wanted to live in peace, but I just met that “devil” …

A different world master-servant life of a “servant” who is strong and sturdy, and who wants a mediocre daily life, and an innocent and unmanned “devil = young lady”! Comicalize the popular works that won the Earth Star Novel Grand Prize and the 1st Grand Prize !!

Released 2020
Author ール・La-na
Artist 犬丸
Serialization Comic Earth Star
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