Zero Skill no Ryouriban
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Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Zero Skill no Ryouriban Raw

Alternative Titles ゼロスキルの料理番

Synopsis Zero Skill no Ryouriban Raw

In a world where everyone can use skills, the main character had no skills.

Afraid of friction with skilled people, the hero starts living in the mountains from an early age. There was a demon beast nest.

In such a mountain, the hero survives for more than 10 years and studies cooking unique to zero skills. It was a unique dish that no one could have thought of.

A fragrant scent that has never been smelled, and a deep taste that has never been made.
A zero-skilled chef will be recognized, with the beasts, holy knights, or kingdom princesses who happened to be in love.

Still, the never-ending quest never ends.
“It would be interesting if I was a zero-skilled dragon.”
Continue to seek unknown ingredients and cooking methods with friends who recognized the hero.

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Author Nabeno Masayuki
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