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Celestial Bride
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

Celestial Bride Raw

Alternative Titles 천인의 신부, Heavenly Bride, Nàng Dâu Của Thiên Giới, Pengantin Dewa, 天人的新娘, 천인의 신부

Synopsis Celestial Bride

“나는 네 남편이 될 자다.” 채나라의 적통 공주인 ‘채연’은 어린 시절 황후인 어머니를 일찍 여의고, 황제에게 사랑받는 총비 ‘고 귀비’에게 목숨을 위협당하며 궁에서 살아왔다. 자신, 그리고 사랑해 마지않는 동생 ‘성종’의 운명을 바꾸기 위해 천인의 신부가 되기로 마음먹은 채연은 제천 의식을 올리고 사당으로 향한다. 하지만 고 귀비는 채연이 천인의 신부가 되어 새로운 권위를 얻는 것을 저지하고자 병사들을 보내 채연을 쫓는데… 사당으로 향하던 채연이 고

For thousands of years, humans have worshiped the gods of the heavenly world, but faith has been on the decline since a celestial last graced the earth. That is, until a scorned princess with a target on her back is miraculously rescued by one. Hunted down by soldiers from her own nation, Princess Chaeyeon is in a desperate battle for her life.

As if to answer her prayers, a mysterious man with wings swoops down from the sky, whisking Chaeyeon away to the land of Mount Kunlun, home of the Great Celestial Phoenix who will soon become her husband.

Blessed with this unprecedented opportunity, Chaeyeon is determined to become the Celestial Bride and right the wrongs of her past. In doing so, she may just change the course of her fate, both on Earth and in Heaven.

Released 2020
Author moonsol
Artist heemyeong
Serialization Kakaopage (Kakao)
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Chapter Celestial Bride