Ester Dovalonia
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Type Manga

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Alternative Titles エステルドバロニア

Synopsis Ester Dovalonia

VRとの相性もあり、いまいち人気のないこのゲームで「エステルドバロニア」の王「カロン」として君臨する主人公は、ある日突然国ごと異世界に転移してしまう。そこではこれまで無機質だった魔物たちがいきいきと動き、カロンを王と仰いだが……国に人間は自分ただ一人! 無能さを晒せば魔物に殺されてしまうかもしれない!?

VRMMO simulation game “Apocalypse” that becomes the king of the demons and competes for territory.
The main character, who reigns as King “Karon” of “Ester de Baronia” in this less popular game because of its compatibility with VR, suddenly moves to another world with each country. There, the monsters that had been inorganic until now move vigorously and ask Karon as the king, but … there is only one human being in the country! If you expose your incompetence, you may be killed by a demon !?
Karon, who has become the king of a real demon kingdom without any warning, is his fate.

Released 2020
Author 百黒雅
Artist ふじや
Serialization Comic Walker
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