Fuguushoku “Tanyashi” Dakedo Saikyou desu
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Fuguushoku “Tanyashi” Dakedo Saikyou desu Raw

Alternative Titles 不遇職『鍛冶師』だけど最強です ~気づけば何でも作れるようになっていた男ののんびりスローライフ~, 不遇職『鍛冶師』だけど最強です

Synopsis Fuguushoku “Tanyashi” Dakedo Saikyou desu Raw


People in this world are given occupations and weapons called sacred treasures. The sacred treasures given to us by God were so strong that they were incomparable to human-made weapons. That is why the profession of “blacksmith” who can produce and modify weapons was the weakest job. The hero who has become such a weakest job. He gave up the adventurer and worked in an inn, but realized he could make “anything”. When he noticed that he was making what he liked, he had relationships with famous aristocrats and beautiful girls. 

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Author Ryuuta Kijima (木嶋隆太)
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