Hakoniwa no Yakujutsushi
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Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Hakoniwa no Yakujutsushi Raw

Alternative Titles 箱庭の薬術師, Miniature Garden Chemister

Synopsis Hakoniwa no Yakujutsushi Raw




The exchange condition is to become a god’s toy.

Hinami Kusunoki went to another world as a condition to have her sister helped. The role of a toy that collects “points” in that world and is given to Hinami to help God.
Hinami, who is not good at fighting, survives in another world with the protection of God.
Fortunately, there was an aptitude for a rare “pharmacist”. With that power and the blessing of God, we created the finest restoration medicine and succeeded in medicinal plant cultivation that nobody could do.

Hinami goes on an adventure with his friends… A production-oriented, warm-hearted fantasy.

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Author Puni-chan
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