Hiyumi no lnaka-michi
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Status Completed
Type Manga

Hiyumi no lnaka-michi Raw

Alternative Titles Hiyumi no Inakamichi, ひゆみの田舎道, 日由美乡村路

Synopsis Hiyumi no lnaka-michi Raw


Hiyumi is an ordinary teenage girl who, when her father told her they were going to move to Nagano prefecture, immediately pictured life in one of the biggest, liveliest centers of Japan.

She never expected for them to move to one of the least populated towns in the area. A town which takes a mile-long walk to get to a single convenience store. A town where you can count the different families on one hand. That type of town.

Anyway, let’s watch Hiyumi experience her new life in the boonies.

Released 2019
Author SAITO Umao
Serialization Bessatsu Shounen Magazine (Kodansha)
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