Isekai Cheat Kaitakuki
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Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Isekai Cheat Kaitakuki Raw

Alternative Titles 異世界チート開拓記

Synopsis Isekai Cheat Kaitakuki Raw


When I was living a neat life, I was supposed to have died suddenly due to my daily life, but when I woke up, I was a baby. Apparently he was reincarnated in a different world where magic exists. Born as the son of the lord of a remote village, I walked through my second life surrounded by a beautiful mother, Cara, a busty maid and nanny Ruina, and a beautiful sister Amelia, who has no blood. As a teenager, I have grown up and enjoyed everyday life in a different world by making full use of the world’s top level magical power and modern knowledge…!?

Released 2019
Author Fast
Serialization Gekkan Action (Futabasha)
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