Isekai de Item Collector
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Type Manga

Isekai de Item Collector Raw

Alternative Titles 異世界でアイテムコレクター

Synopsis Isekai de Item Collector Raw

子どもの頃から「モノ集め」が大好きな高校生・火神光磨。釣りで「魚拓」集めてたら異世界召喚され、大魔王の娘にアイテム集めを頼まれてしまう!  異世界で発揮される「収集癖」!!! モノ集めが得意で命拾いしました…。残念美少女たちとのコレクション生活!

High school student Mitsuma Hikami who has loved “collecting things” since childhood. If you collect “Uotaku” by fishing, you will be summoned to a different world and you will be asked to collect items by the daughter of Daimaou! “Collection habit” exhibited in a different world!!! I was good at collecting things and saved my life… Sorry collection life with beautiful girls!

Released 2020
Author TOKINO Yousuke
Serialization Comic Walker
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