Kage no Kyuutei Majutsushi
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Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Kage no Kyuutei Majutsushi Raw

Alternative Titles THE COURT WIZARD IN SHADOW, 影の宮廷魔術師

Synopsis Kage no Kyuutei Majutsushi Raw




At the Court Library in the Kingdom of Elnia, there was a magician with the nickname of a pay thief.
He lives a life buried in books today without worrying about his reputation, but one day he accidentally defeats the enemy army by a factor of 10.”You are a genius. Please save this country.”
“No, I don’t have time to read books.”
“…and then

operate this country from the shadow.” Thus, the court that became the shadow shadow of the Kingdom of Elnia. The magician Leon secretly secretly warriors, but it is not possible for others to leave his full talent.

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Author Ryousuke Hata
Serialization Comic Gardo
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