Kimama ni Tokyo Survive
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Status Ongoing
Type Manga

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Alternative Titles Kimama ni Tokyo Survive: Moshimo Nihon ga Mamono-darake de, Level-Up to Hack-and-Slash Youso ga Atte, Surivial Seikatsu Made Tanoshimetara, Kimama ni Toukyou Sabaibu: Moshimo Nihon ga Mamono-darake de, Reberuappu to Hakusura Youso ga Atte, Sabaibaru Seikatsu Made Tanoshimetara, Tokyo Survive, 気ままに東京サバイブ, 気ままに東京サバイブ。もしも日本が魔物だらけで、レベルアップとハクスラ要素があって、サバイバル生活まで楽しめたら。

Synopsis Kimama ni Tokyo Survive




White-collar worker Gotou Shizuka is attacked by a slasher who suddenly appears in the heart of the shopping district. Just as she is lose to her wounds, she hears a voice ring in her head.

“You have been defeated. Commencing termination countdown.”

Due to the counsel of the night guide (guidance) she narrowly escapes death and awakens with an ability that ordinary people do not possesses. In the same instance, this world became connected with another and monsters begin to spring forth…

Gotou makes a decision to fight against these monsters. With her positive nature and bold and carefree attitude, she throws herself into the heat of the battle while leveling up and making weapons.

Released 2020
Author MAKISHIMA Suzuki
Artist ARATA (ytarata)
Serialization Comic Pash! (Shufu to Seikatsusha)
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