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Lazy Dungeon Master
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Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Lazy Dungeon Master Raw

Alternative Titles Zettai ni Hatarakitakunai Dungeon Master ga Damin wo Musaboru made , I Absolutely Don't Want to Work as the Dungeon Master Until I Indulge in My Laziness, Lazy Dungeon Master, 絕對不想工作的地下城城主想睡懶覺, 絶対に働きたくないダンジョンマスターが惰眠をむさぼるまで, 絶対に働きたくないダンジョンマスターが惰眠をむさぼるまで

Synopsis Lazy Dungeon Master

増田桂馬は異世界に召喚された先で美少女ロクコと出会う。ダンジョンマスターとなり“働かなくてもいい”生活を手に入れたと思ったら――ダンジョンを守らないと死ぬ事態に!? 守るべきダンジョンの部屋は一つ、さらに山賊によって制圧済み。ぐーたら主人公が紡ぐ一発逆転ストーリー、開幕!

“Come on, kill all those bandits for me already!”
“No thanks. I don’t wanna do any work.”
My name is Keima Masuda, and my hobby is spending each day doing exactly nothing… but one fateful night, I was summoned to another world where I met a blonde young girl who I named Rokuko. It seemed that fortune had favored me and I would soon be living a wonderful life free of work. But even though I’m a guy who loves sleeping more than eating, Rokuko demanded that I help her.
“Save my dungeon! By the way, since you’re the Dungeon Master, you’ll die too if the Dungeon Core is destroyed.”
The dungeon only had one room, and it was already surrounded by bandits. Seriously? It’s a checkmate already. I’ve gotta break out of this impossible situation so I can stop working and just sleep!

Released 2018
Author ONIKAGE Supana
Serialization Comic Gardo (Overlap)
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