Mabataki yori Hayaku!!
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Type Manga

Mabataki yori Hayaku!! Raw

Alternative Titles 瞬きより迅く‼, 迅如闪电

Synopsis Mabataki yori Hayaku!!

ドジで気の弱い女子高生・小花井 日葵(こはないひまり)。 偶然、出会った憧れの先輩に近づこうと、同じ高校に入学はしたのだが、待ち受けていたのは、引っ込み思案の自分が引き起こしたお先真っ暗の高校生活。 そんなある日、校舎内で憧れのあの人を目撃し、追跡するのだが、そこに日葵の運命を変える出会いが待っていた!! 美麗絵師・ふなつかずきが切り拓く新境地! 高校少女伝統空手道漫画!!

Hikari Obanai, a high school girl who is disgusting and weak. By chance, I entered the same high school to get close to the yearning senior I met, but what I was waiting for was a dark high school life caused by my self-recession. One day, I witnessed and tracked that longing person in the school building, and there was an encounter that would change the fate of Sunflower! A new frontier opened by beautiful artist Funatsuki Tsuki! High school girl traditional karate manga!

Released 2020
Author FUNATSU Kazuki
Serialization Ultra Jump (Shueisha)
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