Marked By King Bs
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

Marked By King Bs Raw

Alternative Titles 일진에게 찍혔을 때, A+男子に囲まれて, Best Mistake (DAY7), When You're on the Blacklist of Bullies, When You're Targeted by the Bully, 일진에게 찍혔을 때

Synopsis Marked By King Bs

어느날 갑자기 시작된 중학교시절 남사친의 까톡테러에 시달리던 평범한 여고생 김연두, 까톡테러를 막기위해 남친짤로 프로필사진을 바꾸었는데… 알고 보니 그 사진이 우리 학교에서 제일 무서운 일진 지현호라고?! 알고 보면 츤데레 지현호, 뇌섹남 반장 서주호, 윗층에 사는 연하남 강아훈. 거기에 마이웨이 야구소년 최승현, 천진발랄한 정지성까지. 어쩌다 잘생긴 일진들에게 둘러쌓인 내 인생은 어떻게 되는걸까?!

High school is hard enough without a target on your back, but that’s exactly the situation Annie finds herself in when she crosses a group of the most popular kids in school. Marked by the king bee himself, the notorious Ashton Griffin, Annie becomes his newest fixation–and he is determined to make her life miserable. Now at his beck and call, Annie must stay on Ashton’s good side to maintain her peaceful life and avoid becoming a social pariah. As she navigates her way through alienating social cliques, persistent old crushes, and the hot upstairs neighbor who never puts a shirt on, Annie will soon learn that there’s more to being popular than meets the eye. She just wanted to live a normal life, but maybe there’s no escaping these king bees. An official comic adaptation based on the hit dating-sim game.

Released 2020
Author DAY7, eonjeong, manga
Artist Cheddar
Serialization KakaoPage (Kakao)
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