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Shiryou Jutsushi no Otetsudai
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Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Shiryou Jutsushi no Otetsudai Raw

Alternative Titles 死霊術師のお手伝い, A Necromancer at Work, Necro Maid, NecroMaid, The Necromancer Maid, 死霊術師のお手伝い, 死靈術士的女僕生活

Synopsis Shiryou Jutsushi no Otetsudai

錬金術師・倉斗燐太郎は、屍の森で倒れていた一人の少女を助ける。少女の名前はクロエ・ラ・フォレ。特技は家事全般。 ひとつ屋根の下で繰り広げられる二人のスローライフを描いた異世界お手伝いファンタジー!!

The Alchemist Kurakazu Rintarou, saved a young girl who fainted in the Forest of Corpses. The name of that girl is Chloe La Foley. Her specialty is housework.

The story unfolds on the two’s “Slow Life” under the same roof in this Isekai Maid Fantasy!!

Released 2019
Author SHIMAZAKI Mujirushi
Artist Hama
Serialization Gangan Online (Square Enix)
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