SHWD (Pseudo)
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Status Ongoing
Type Manga

SHWD (Pseudo) Raw

Alternative Titles SHWD, SHWD《シュード》, Special Hazardous Waste Disposal

Synopsis SHWD (Pseudo) Raw


The time is 20XX. After the war, Koga, a newcomer to the special organization SHWD Tokyo branch, who has a business of processing the mysterious biological weapon “Dunamis” that appears in various places, and Sawada, who is in charge of education, teamed up to pose an unknown threat I will face it … Buddy Yuri fights between a woman with a strong mental “mental” and a woman with a strong physical “physical”, opening!

Released 2020
Author sono.N
Artist sono.N
Serialization Comic Ruelle (Jitsugyou no Nihonsha)
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