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The Princess’ Dangerous Brothers
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

The Princess’ Dangerous Brothers Raw

Alternative Titles 공녀님의 위험한 오빠들, Princess' Dangerous Brothers, The Princess's Dangerous Brothers, 공녀님의 위험한 오빠들

Synopsis The Princess’ Dangerous Brothers

빈민가에서 술주정뱅이 삼촌 밑에서 자라며
꽃을 팔아 겨우 먹고 살아왔던 레스티아.

빚 때문에 폭력배들에게 협박당하던 삼촌이,
레스티아를 팔아버리려 하던 어느 날 밤.

“야, 손 치워.”

어디선가 나타난 아름다운 소년들.
그들은 폭력배들을 단번에 물리치고
레스티아에게 믿을 수 없는 말을 건넨다.

“이제야 만나게 됐네, 내 동생.
우리는 네 오빠야.”

놀랍게도 그녀는 마법사를 대대로 배출한
베르체스터 공작가의 딸이라는데…

하지만 아무 증거도 없이 그 말을 믿긴 어렵다.

“자, 레스티아. 집에 가자.”

하지만 일말의 희망이라도 붙잡고 싶었던 걸까.
그녀는 조금은 충동적으로, 소년들의 손을 잡는데…

Lestia, who grew up in the slums with her drunken uncle and managed to make ends meet by selling flowers. One night when her uncle, who was threatened by the thugs because of his debt, tried to sell her off.

“Hey, get your hands off her.”

A group of beautiful boys appeared out of nowhere. They defeat the thugs at once and say incredible things to Lestia.

“It’s nice to finally meet you, my sister.”

Surprisingly, she was the daughter of the Duke of Verchester, a family that has produced wizards for generations. But it’s hard to believe those words without any proof.

“Come on, Lestia. Let’s go home.”

But did she want to hold on to any hope? She grabbed the boys’ hands, a little impulsively.

Released 2021
Author Lensyu [Add, ]
Artist Ki-ryeom (Story Webtoon) [Add, ]
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