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The Villainess Maker
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

The Villainess Maker Raw

Alternative Titles 악녀 메이커, The Villainess's Maker, Agnyeo Maker, Pencipta Penjahat Wanita, The Villainess and Her Creator, The Villainess Maker, Villainess Maker, 恶女制造者, 恶女的养成法则, 悪女メーカー, 악녀 메이커

Synopsis The Villainess Maker

10년 전에 쓴 로맨스 판타지에 빙의했다. 그것도 여주인공을 저주하다가 남주인공에게 죽임을 당하는 악녀 아일라에게. 그럼 악녀가 아니면 되지 않을까? “이번 생은 돈 많은 백수로 평생 놀아야지!” 그러나, 머지않아 하루가 되돌아가기 시작했다. 원작의 아일라처럼 행동하지 않았다는 이유 때문에. “제발 루프를 멈춰 주세요…….” “방법은 간단해. 진짜 악녀가 되면 돼.” “진짜 악녀?” “부, 권력, 명예, 남자, 뭐든 전부 빼앗아. 원한다면 그녀의 왕관을

Yoon Haneul has always been a pushover, someone who would never say no. Then one day, she opens her eyes and realizes that she has become Aila Mertensia, the antagonist of a novel she had written ten years ago. Haneul is content to live the life of a rich couch potato and binge-read novels. But to her dismay, she soon finds herself stuck in a time loop where her day repeats endlessly, and the only way to escape the loop is to act like Aila Mertensia! Haneul doesn’t know the first thing about acting like a villainess. Luckily for her, a mysterious warlock by the name of Killian offers to help her become a true villainess. Her only option is to make a deal with him, but can Haneul really trust this devilishly handsome man?

Released 2021
Author SOL Leesu
Artist JEON Gu
Serialization Kakaopage (Kakao)Kakao Webtoon (Daum)
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Chapter The Villainess Maker