Who Made Me a Princess
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Type Manhwa

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Alternative Titles 어느 날 공주가 되어버렸다, Suddenly Became a Princess One Day, Dites-moi, Princesse!, One Day I Became a Princess, Princesa Encantadora, Suddenly, I Became a Princess, Un Dia Me Converti En Una Princesa, Who Made Me a Princess, อยู่ๆ ฉันก็กลายเป็นเจ้าหญิง, 어느날 공주가 되어버렸다, ある日、お姫様になってしまった件について, 某天成为公主, 某天成為公主

Synopsis Who Made Me a Princess

어느 날 눈을 떠보니 공주님이 되었다! 금수저를 입에 물고 태어난 건 좋은데, 하필이면 친아버지의 손에 죽는 비운의 공주라니! 피도 눈물도 없는 냉혈한 황제 클로드! 죽고 싶지 않다면 그의 눈에 띄어서는 안 된다. 그런데, “언제부터 내 성에 이런 버러지가 살았지?” 황제의 눈에 띄어버린 아타나시아. 과연 그녀는 살아남을 수 있을까? “나…… 어떡하지……?”

When I opened my eyes, I had become a princess!
But out of all the characters from this romance novel to be reborn into, why must it be the princess whose fate it is to die by the hands of her own blood-related father, the emperor?!
If I want to live, I must never enter his sight. However…
“Since when did this kind of scumbag start living in my castle?”
Without a single tear to shed nor a drop of blood to spill, that cruel and cold emperor, Claude!
Will I, the Princess Athanasia who was caught by him, survive?
“I… What should I do…”

Released 2017
Author Plutus
Serialization KakaoPage
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