Please Answer Me, Prince
Please Answer Me, Prince
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Alternative Titles 답장을 주세요, 왕자님, Answer Me, My Prince, Answer Me, Prince, Balas aku, pangeran, Please Answer Me, My Prince, 请给我回信,王子殿下!, 답장을 주세요, 왕자님

Synopsis Please Answer Me, Prince

코델리아 그레이. 22살의 꿈많은 신입 편집자. 동화책<공주와 기사>의 후속작 원고를 받으러 골동품 상점에 갔다가, 우연히 얻게 된 서책 보관함으로 동화 속 왕자님 아치와 편지를 주고받는다. 소설 속 주인공과 대화를 나누게 된 일이 꿈만 같은 코델리아. 자신이 사는 세상 속 미래를 알고 있는 코델리아의 조언이 절실한 아치 왕자. 두 사람이 서책 보관함을 통해 주고받는 편지는 여름밤이 새는 줄도 모르고 계속되는데…

I put the letter I wrote inside an antique box which I got from an antique shop by chance. Unexpectedly, I got a reply… from the attractive womanizer prince, Archie Albert, the supporting character in the novel “The Princess and the Knight”.

Cordelia was an editor from a publisher in London. By a string of fate, she suddenly could speak with Prince Archie, one of the character in the novel she was working on, “the Princess and the Knight” through letters.

Prince Archie requested her advice and assitance, knowing that she knew about the future of his world. They exchanged letters through the antique box she bought. One letter through another, they became close, and their relationship grows to be each other’s companion every night that summer.

To Archie,
Have you ever experienced this?
I was walking with someone, and the blooming flowers were spread out on the road.

So, did you do that with that man?

To Archie the scoundrel,
You have very indecent thoughts, Prince.
I am pretty sure that I am a woman who would think twice before I sleep with a man I just met for the first time.

Sleeping? What I meant is kissing.

Oh.. A kiss?

Released 2020
Author Teava, YOO PAULHEE
Artist Jjunya
Serialization Ridibooks (大元C.I)
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